What is Encore?

Beth Israel’s new initiative, Encore, offers the synagogue as the center for Baby Boomer and Beyond temple members who are searching for deeper engagement. It provides a uniquely Jewish space for exploration and experience during this life-cycle passage and key transition point, and one in which members can have a positive impact on one another.

Potentially the next chapter can be a time of tremendous growth, depth and creation of meaningful legacies. We want to explore this phase through a Jewish lens, within a trusted and like-minded synagogue peer group whose members support one another in this next life stage.

In all aspects of this journey we will engage big questions around identity, meaning and purpose. Together we will take on the challenges these years hold and the opportunities they offer.
Explore issues and activities reflecting their shared interests, expertise and curiosity, while strengthening engagement with the synagogue. They will share new experiences both inside and outside the walls of the congregation, and will forge and broaden connections to the synagogue community.

Encore is designed for people ages 55 and older.

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