Beth Israel invites you to worship with us!

Dear Friends,

There are moments in life where everything changes. When that happens – whether at a societal level or a personal one – the question to ask is: will we be ready for the opportunities and challenges that become available to us?

This is perhaps why we have our High Holy Days season. When we come together, we do so as the most prosperous, safest, and most powerful minority of Jews in any land of our diaspora. The High Holy Days offer us the chance to ask: what have we done with the Judaism that we are free to live? Has it guided us as we look out at our troubled world, and nation, and as we seek to understand our obligations (as individuals and members of a faith community) towards others?

On the personal level: If you open your eyes to the beauty of our faith, it can help you with the big questions of life and their meaning. Do we allow our tradition to guide us as we seek to understand how to be good and bring goodness into our life and the lives of those around us? How can Judaism help us enhance what we know is the holiness and goodness of life? If life has become bitter; how can Judaism lift us out of our depths? What does Judaism tell us about the full meaning of being kind, caring, loving, and good? That’s what most of us wish to be; and Judaism offers many paths towards that kind of fulfilled life.

The Holy Days are unique in that unlike our other festivals, which are first and foremost observed in our homes, these are primarily observed in the synagogue with the whole congregation together for prayer and introspection. By joining in enthusiasm and joy together we can set the course for a year of life, blessing, and goodness. May you come away after the holidays with some good ideas about how Judaism is going to help you be better this coming year.

There is a verse from Song of Songs, “The Voice of My Beloved Knocks.” In the Song, the Beloved knocks, but the lover is not ready and offers excuses for not answering. Eventually the Beloved turns away and is gone. This teaches us about the importance of being ready for the knock at our door.

Our beloved High Holy Days will be knocking soon… please be ready to answer by joining your community in warm, loving, and uplifting prayer and celebration.

Rabbi Michael Berk
Gary Hirschfeld, President

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