Committee & Auxiliary Leaders

Committee Leaders

Members are welcome to volunteer for committees. For more information about meeting times and dates, please contact the staff liaison. Your participation is appreciated.

Lifelong Learning
Lay Leader: Jody Newlander and Arnold Gass
Staff Liaison: Rose Orlovich,

Lay Leader: Buddy Voit
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Caring Community
Lay Leaders: Ava Kurnow
Staff Liaison: Katey Lindley,

Cemetery and Mausoleum
Lay Leader: Greg Markow
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Lay Leader: Randy Savarese
Staff Liaison: Bethany Eisenberg,

Lay Leaders: Simma Nemeth and Lynn Lasher

Development/Dor L'Dor
Lay Leader: Heather Keith and Robyn Spiegel
Staff Liaison: Meg Mandel, , Lesley Mills,

Lay Leader: Dan Jones
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Lay Leader: David Bark

Lee & Frank Goldberg Family Religious School
Lay Leader: Alison Prager
Staff Liaison: Rose Orlovich,

Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool
Preschool Parent Committee co-chairs: Sarah Norton and Jessie Unterberg
Staff Liaison: Cathy Goldberg,

Lee & Frank Goldberg Family Religious School - Parent Connection
Lay Leaders: Tamar Caspi and Staci Tiras-Jones
Staff Liaison: Rose Orlovich,

Membership & Engagement
Lay Leaders: Sari Hartman and Dani Sicklick
Staff Liaison: Bethany Eisenberg,

Lay Leader: Alison Prager
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Lay Leader: Mike Chasin
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Social Action Network
Lay Leaders: Robin Layton and Jason Bercovitch

TRIBE (20's-40's)
Lay Leader: Sarah Garrick

Jewish Star

Auxiliary Leaders