Welcome to Congregation Beth Israel

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Welcome to Beth Israel, where inclusivity and diversity thrive within our vibrant Jewish community. Here, we embrace individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, including interfaith families and those exploring Judaism. Our doors are open to everyone, whether you're single, partnered, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, or simply curious about our faith. Join us as we celebrate the rich tapestry of Jewish identity and come together to learn, grow, and connect in the spirit of unity and understanding.

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Beth Israel is more than just a synagogue; we're a family.

With membership, you become part of a sacred community of caring clergy, staff, and synagogue members who support you through life’s challenges and celebrate your blessings. You will enter a community of friends with whom you learn, struggle, and grow. We'll honor your accomplishments and challenge you to improve yourself and our world. You will be a part of Jewish history in San Diego that spans three centuries. You will revel in the satisfaction of knowing that you are reinforcing the continuation of Jewish life in San Diego, and the world.

Join our family

Director of Membership and Engagement, Bethany Eisenberg will answer your questions, arrange for you to meet our clergy or school directors, or take a tour of our beautiful campus. We’ll also help you find your niche at Beth Israel by connecting you with the people and activities that are meaningful to you. You can reach Bethany Eisenberg by completing our new member inquiry form. 

How our personal pledge system works

Our membership commitment model makes it even easier for members to make a pledge of support and encourages those who can give more to do so. We are asking you to give as generously as possible and to give to your heart’s content.

The amount of your pledge – your investment in Beth Israel’s future – is up to you. We are intentionally building our membership in a manner more aligned with contemporary Jewish culture and values of giving.

The commitment does not have a singles/family distinction. Instead, members will be asked to contribute based on what the household determines is consistent with their ability to strengthen, celebrate and grow Jewish life at Beth Israel. Removing barriers and welcoming those of all backgrounds is a key component of Beth Israel’s mission. Allowing members to set their own membership commitment pledge opens the doors even wider. Everyone gives as much as they can comfortably give.

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New to our community?

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If you're new at Beth Israel let us help you find some starting places. New members have all of Beth Israel's communities, activities, and member services available to them. Non-members have plenty of options, too! You don't have to be a member to attend services, enroll your child in preschool, and participate in many of our classes and activities. Find your areas of interest here and get started! 

New to Judaism?

You are welcome here! We want to give you an opportunity to learn all you desire about Judaism, to get answers to your questions, to connect with others exploring Judaism and to get to know our amazing clergy, teachers and congregants. See our New to Judaism page for programs and activities designed especially for you. Join us for whatever peaks your interest. We'd love to meet you.

Membership FAQs

With Beth Israel membership you become part of a sacred community made up of caring clergy, staff and synagogue members who are there to inspire you, to help you grow and to support you through life's challenges and blessings.

Ready to learn more about membership?

Contact Bethany Eisenberg to get started. 

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Hi, I’m Bethany Eisenberg, Director of Membership & Engagement of Beth Israel. I love helping newcomers feel at home and helping you and your family on your Jewish journey.

Please feel free to schedule a time to meet. I can give you a tour of our campus, help facilitate a time to meet our clergy and education directors, and answer all of your questions. You can schedule a time here or contact me at , or 858-535-1111 ext. 2554. 

If you are ready to become a member, please complete our new member inquiry form below.

Bethany Eisenberg