Camp Beth Israel includes two great camps: Camp Chaverim for preschoolers and Camp Sababa for grade schoolers. Incoming Kindergarteners can choose from either camp. We also offer discounts for multiple children and multiple weeks of camp!

For COVID-19 updates on reopening and camp protocols, please visit this link:

Camp Sababa –

Camp Sababa For those entering Kindergarten – 4th Grade

Rising K-4th graders can exercise their minds and bodies in week-long VIRTUAL Camp Sessions! Campers will bake delicious treats, make unique art, play their favorite sports, make great friends, and more–all from the comfort of your very own home! Keep your camper involved in their Jewish community, even in this time of separation, by enrolling them in Camp Sababa!

In order to ensure campers are kept engaged for as long (or as little) as they want, camp will be divided into hour long chuggim (chuggim=elective class, group activity; group). Each week has different chuggim which will be taught by Beth Israel community members. Chuggim include Israeli Dance, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Coding, Yoga, LEGO, Creative Writing, Hebrew Fun and Games, Astronomy, Improv, Drama, Photography, Sports, and many more!!

Each chug costs only $36 for hour-long classes Monday-Friday. There will also be two chuggim weekly offered at no cost!

Campers may attend any or all weeks and any or all chuggim within each week.

Camp will run June 22-August 14. While it may be possible that the August weeks of camp might involve some in-person activity on the Beth Israel campus, this will be determined at a later date and only if San Diego Public Health and CDC guidelines make it safe and practical to do so. In-person camp will have a price increase.

Each weekly camp is Monday-Friday with a special Shabbat celebration (and Shabbat Box) on Fridays from 3 – 4 pm.

Below is an example of what a weekly schedule will look like:

Below are descriptions of each chug:

Join us online for a fun week of stretching your creativity through art, including creating a self portrait, paper crafts, and expanding your imagination coming up with new animals and aliens! Using supplies you already have in your home, campers will be guided through projects that will flex their artistic muscles and create beautiful art!

Learn about surface tension, non-newtonian fluids, and much more in a fun, learning filled week! During the STEAM chug, we will focus on making school subjects a blast to learn! Campers will learn and play with science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, and finish the week with more knowledge than they started!

Get your camper moving with this Dance chug! Campers will learn Israeli dances, line dances, and play dance games while getting exercise and enjoying fun music!

Do you have what it takes to be a Master Builder? Yes, you do—because all it takes is LEGO! Break out those little plastic bricks, because it’s time to use some LEGO tips and tricks to build things you’ve never imagined before.

Join our Beth Israel community staff to learn how to play classic board games, including chess, checkers, dominoes, and more! This chug will be an opportunity to strengthen your skills and practice your moves against friends!

Get ready to cook, bake, and create with this week long foray into cooking! Campers will show off their kitchen skills and learn how to blend flavor with function in the kitchen!

Learn the basics of computer coding with an expert. Campers will get instruction on different aspects of coding, including games, world-building, and reading their very own codes!

Creative Writing
Calling all young novelists! Campers will flex their storytelling muscles by writing short pieces of their own and working together to collaborate on group stories. Be prepared to talk, read, and listen to each other as we journey together to distant lands and impossible worlds—all from the comfort of our own homes!

Get up and move with our Sports chug! Our energetic staff will guide you through learning about different sports and help campers get on their feet for some exercise!

Public Speaking
In our new, public speaking chug, campers will learn how to use their voices and be heard. Our staff will aid students in writing about something they care about and learning how to make a speech in public, through games and fun activities!

Ever wonder how big the universe is? Bring the stars a little closer with the science of astronomy. You’ll map the night sky and introduce yourself to a constellation, all from a hundred thousand light years away!

Our Shinshin, Erez, will join us from Israel as you learn basic Hebrew vocabulary through games and movement. Hone those Hebrew language skills and impress your family by starting up a conversation in Hebrew! Who knew learning a new language would be so much fun!

Anyone can draw a picture with a regular old pencil and paper. With the art of photography, you’ll capture so much more—just don’t forget your camera! This chug will require access to a camera of any kind, including smartphone, polaroid, or disposable!

Don’t ask us what you’ll be doing in this improv chug…we’re just making it up as we go. Perfect the art of thinking on your feet as we laugh, play acting games, make up stories—and figure the rest out along the way!

Get dramatic with our Beth Israel staff in this drama-filled chug! Campers will learn about theater, movies, and acting and even get to perform!

In this peaceful chug, campers will work with a trained staff member to learn about being mindful, with themselves and others, and learn how to focus their energy towards good!

Campers will get twisty with yoga poses in this chug and get some exercise while they are at it! They will learn a variety of different poses, and have the opportunity to get moving while focusing on inner peace!

Basics of Music
Learn the basics of music with our amazing musicians! If your camper has always wanted to learn how to sing, play an instrument, or just understand how music works, this is the perfect chug for them!

Like a young Michelangelo, it’s time to bring your art into the third dimension with this sculpture chug. Learn what you can—and can’t!—sculpt with, as we play with different materials and challenges. Be warned: things might get messy!

What’s Newish about being Jewish?
Being Jewish is a lot of fun! Through games, songs, and other fun activities you’ll “be” Jewish and “play” Jewish. Maybe you’ll even learn a Jewish joke or two.

Become a master of illusion and hone your magician’s ability as you baffle your friends and family! Is there anything up your sleeve? Where did that rabbit come? Most importantly: was this your card? Join us to find out!

For more information contact Becca Myers at or 858-900-2556.

Please download, complete and return a signed Camp Sababa Consent on or before Camp begins.

B’Nai Mitzvah Boot Camp

Click here for information on Boot Camp.

Camp Chaverim
For ages two years old to starting Kindergarten

Camp Chaverim is an exciting, adventure-filled summer camp experience providing a high level of safety all staff are qualified early childhood educators and are seasoned counselors. We provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere designed to enhance each child’s independence, self-confidence and social development. Each Friday we will join together for our special Shabbat. During this time, we are offering some virtual experiences for our campers and our preschool community. We have implemented new safety protocols this summer as advised by the CDC, State and local health department guidelines.

Campers have an array of fabulous activities every week:
· Lots of singing and ruach (spirit) · Outdoor play · Water play · Nature · Sports
· Specialties &/or specialists · Cooking · Arts & crafts · Judaics · Science · Snacks

-Campers may attend any, or all weeks.
-Choose Mon-Fri, Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tu/Th
-Choose from 9am-1pm, 9am-3pm, or a full day 8:00-4:00pm
-Morning Care is available: 8:00-9am
-Extended Day Care: 1pm-4pm-

Apply Here! Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool Camp App. 2020

Additionally, the Parent Agreement must be completed and signed prior to starting camp.
Open Parent Agreement HERE.

For more information, and to sign up for Camp Chaverim, contact the Preschool office at or 858 900-2530.