Members are welcome to volunteer for committees. For more information about meeting times and dates, please contact the staff liaison. Your participation is appreciated.

Adult Education
Lay Leader: Elissa Shuchter

Lay Leader: John Lefter
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Caring Community
Lay Leaders: Ava Kurnow
Staff Liaison: Katey Lindley,

Cemetery and Mausoleum
Lay Leader: Greg Markow
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Lay Leader: Randy Savarese
Staff Liaison: Bethany Eisenberg,

Lay Leaders: Simma Nemeth and Lynn Lasher

Development/Dor L’Dor
Lay Leader: Heather Keith
Staff Liaison: Meg Mandel,, Lesley Mills,

Lee & Frank Goldberg Family Religious School & ECE Education
Lay Leader: Alison Prager
Staff Liasison: Rose Orlovich, & Cathy Goldberg,

Lee & Frank Goldberg Family Religious School – Parent Connection
Lay Leaders: Tamar Caspi and Staci Tiras-Jones
Staff Liaison: Rose Orlovich, 

Lay Leader: Dan Jones
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Lay Leader: David Bark

TRIBE (20’s-40’s)
Lay Leader: Sarah Garrick

Membership & Engagement
Lay Leaders: Heather McCracken Cohen and Dani Sicklick
Staff Liaison: Bethany Eisenberg,

Lay Leader: John Lefter
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Lay Leader: Mike Chasin
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Social Action Network
Lay Leaders: Robin Layton and Jason Bercovitch


Men’s Club
Lay Leader: Marty Stern,
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,

Women of Beth Israel
Lay Leaders: Candace Berkman and Janet Perlman
Staff Liaison: Lesley Mills,