Prayers and Cantillation

Click to play Rabbi/Cantor Arlene Bernstein’s recordings of prayers and blessings used in our Erev Shabbat, Shacharit/Minchah and Havdalah services. Numbers refer to the selection numbers on Rabbi Bernstein’s CD. Listening to and downloading these mp3 files is free.

1. Candle Blessing
2. Erev Shabbat Kiddush
3. Motzi
4. Nisim B’chol Yom
5. Bar’chu I
6. Bar’chu II
7. Bar’chu III
8. Sh’ma I
9. Sh’ma II
10. Sh’ma III
11. V’ahavta
12. Mi Chamochah I
13. Mi Chamochah II
14. Mi Chamochah III
15. Avot/Gevurot
16. Kedushah
17. Sim Shalom
18. Ashrei
19. Atah Echad
20. Shalom Rav
21. Ein Komocha – L’cha Adonai
22. Return Torah to Ark
23. Blessing Before Torah
24. Blessing After Torah
44. Blessing Before Haftarah
45. Blessing After Haftarah
63. Aleinu/Vne’emar
64. Kaddish
65. Havdalah Blessings
66. Hamavdil/Shavua Tov/Eliyahu Hanavi

Torah Honors Guide:

Aliyah (Blessings Before and/or After Reading Torah)

Torah blessings in Hebrew & transliteration (PDF)

Hagbah (Lifting the Torah)

Gelilah (Dressing the Torah)

The Rabbis will help you in each step of dressing the Torah. This honor can be done by between 1-3 people. 

Ark Openers

At the end of the Torah service, we have helpers to open and close the Ark doors as we put the Torah away. While the doors slide in and out, please note they are quite heavy. This honor can be done by between 1-4 people. 


Torah Trope

Haftarah Trope