August 2022

Dear Friends,

Our spiritual journey towards the Jewish new year is about to begin, and we are entering it as we continue to learn how to navigate the ongoing evolutions of our world.

The New Year of 5783 presents us with opportunity: as a Beth Israel community, we will mark this time of song, prayer, turning and introspection with our community, and renew our unique celebration of Jewish life and living. Coming together will allow us to remember that the Jewish calendar continues, as does the story and the sacred work of the Jewish people.

As Jews, we are no stranger to challenging moments. As a people, we have experienced what our rabbis describe as the reality that in each generation, there are those who have risen to annihilate us. Yet, through all of this, we have more than just endured. We have demonstrated resistance and resilience through our many contributions to the academic, scientific, and the artistic characters of society. Indeed, not only have we survived, but we have [and continue] to thrive, as our sages teach: “Our tradition, values, and understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe has sustained us.”

With this New Year of 5783 ready to greet us, even amidst ongoing intolerance, senseless violence and hatred, we can use this time together to focus on the sacred work ahead of us: heeding the words of our sages to stand up against the ills of oppression and prejudice, while contributing to the betterment of our local and global communities in whatever ways we are able. Being part of a community has always been one of the greatest strengths of the Jewish people. Our Beth Israel community lifts us all up together. Together, let us make 5783 one of hope and simcha (joy), where we maintain our support of one another along this journey we call life.

We look forward to seeing you at Beth Israel for High Holy Day worship and discussion as we come together to connect and strengthen one another.
May this Shana Tovah (Good New Year) bring you and your loved ones, wholeness, health, love, and peace.

Rabbi Jason Nevarez                                  Dan Jones, President

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