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Lee and Frank Goldberg Family Religious School Mitzvah Mall

Mitzvah Mall is sponsored by the 4th Grade Religious School to promote “Gemilut Hasadim” (deeds of loving kindness) and “Tzedakah” (the Jewish practice of giving money in order to help those less fortunate and using our financial resources to create a more just and righteous world).The Mitzvah Mall Donation Certificates also provide a meaningful gift giving alternative.

Mitzvah Mall is a “fair of charities” that promotes charitable giving in a simple and educational forum:

  • “Buy” donation certificates to any of the 10 different charities.
  • Denominations ranging from $1 to $9.
  • Checks payable to Beth Israel (cash also accepted).
  • Beth Israel will distribute the funds to the appropriate agencies.                                               

Religious School Parents

    • Your child will have designated time with their class on December 13th to do their “shopping.”
    • Please review the charities and help your child complete a shopping list.
    • Send a separate form and check with each child in an envelope

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