Strategic Vision

Beth Israel is an inclusive, accessible, and inspiring Jewish community in San Diego. We promote deep, communal connections as well as broader societal collaboration and impact. As a pioneer in the continuing evolution of Reform Jewish life in San Diego and beyond, Beth Israel strives to offer members of its community powerful Jewish learning, inspirational prayer, ongoing work in the pursuit of social action and justice, and a commitment to understanding the unique connection between all Jews and the State of Israel.

Through our most recent strategic planning process, our congregation has adopted 7 commitments that will serve to sustain and advance these principles.

Seven commitments

COMMITMENT TO INCLUSION AND BELONGING • Our vision is to ensure our congregational mission and values reflect the commitments that emerged in the strategic plan, and that our worship, programs and educational offerings are aligned strategically to embrace diversity and inclusion at every point of entry.

COMMITMENT TO SERVICE • Our vision is to practice excellence, agility and efficiency in our offerings by establishing regular goals and priorities, ensuring greater cohesion and partnership between staff and volunteers, and embracing service, to one another and the community at large, as a core tenet.

COMMITMENT TO MUSIC • Our vision is to increase our insight of our members’ experience and preferences our member experience around music and cultivate new opportunities that will enrich that experience.

COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION • Our vision is to use thought leadership and technology as a strategic resource by researching and analyzing cutting edge opportunities, multi-modal community building and digital offerings that meet both our short and long-term goals.

COMMITMENT TO FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY • Our vision is to achieve financial independence by continuing efforts to build a philanthropic culture and strengthen financial platforms such as the endowment and building fund that ensure our near-term and long-term sustainability.

COMMITMENT TO ROBUST COMMUNICATION • Our vision is to ensure robust communications both internally and externally by bolstering and broadening our brand across all platforms and modalities.

COMMITMENT TO LIFELONG LEARNING • Our vision is to create and maintain connective threads in a lifelong learning journey for our membership. At any stage of life, our community members will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, exploring and deepening what it means to be Jewish.