Rabbi Nevarez inspired us to reframe in 5781. Below are the reflective questions he offered in suggesting a reframe:

  1. What do I want my story to be?
  2. Have I gotten “curious” instead of “combative” – how do I “hear” others?
  3. What news do I choose to consume? Am I diversifying my intake?
  4. How can I speak up in my own circles and call people to task when I hear a joke or a comment that concerns me?
  5. Am I the same person in public and in private? Do I summon the same goodness when it is not witnessed, posted on social media or advertised to others?
  6. Am I using my power, my privilege, my resources and my influence to support and lift up organizations and leaders who have been fighting for racial, economic, religious, and cultural justice for decades?
  7. How do I spend my money? Do I make intentional choices to support businesses that are black owned or ecologically responsible or independent?
  8. Do I choose to wallow in what I cannot control, in what causes me fear and pain, or reframe with a focus on gratitude and action where I am able?
  9. Specifically speaking to parents and grandparents – what am I doing every day to model and teach my values to the children who look to me for how to walk in the world?