Dear Friends, 

Each year, our High Holy Days season challenges us to reframe what was into what can be. In other words, anything and everything is possible. With intentional focus, we can reframe the contours of our lives and our relationshipsIn 5781, we are especially tasked with reflecting deeply on ourselves and the world around us, while discovering what can be, with a renewed sense of awe, possibility, and sacred purpose.

A lot of how we experience our High Holy Days season will be different this year, but its essence remains the same.We have been dreaming and re-imagining a High Holy Days experience that will respond to our current realities. Our offerings will still capture the beauty, majesty, and soulfulness that is the heart of our Beth Israel community.  

Below you will find an array of services and offerings that we hope will nourish you, as we begin to chart our personal and communal paths this coming year. 

May our time together over these High Holy Days be filled with healing, growth, and hope as we strengthen our resilience muscle into 5781. 

– Rabbi Jason Nevarez