Our committee is comprised of 4 Impact Teams which are responsible for developing our agenda and outreach efforts in accordance with our mission statement, The Social Action Committee at Beth Israel is part of K’lal Yisrael, the entire Jewish community. When we pursue tzedek (justice)and perform mitzvot (commandments) to translate the  words of Torah into the works of our hands, we act as partners with God in tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Food Security
Chair: Dawn Levey
Volunteer opportunities include: serving San Diego’s homeless and hungry on Sunday mornings at St.Vincent de Paul Village (Hunger Project), donating food for the Hand Up Youth Food Pantry and Mama’s Kitchen, and participate in community supported agriculture programs.

San Diego Impact
Chairs: Linda Valfer and Paul Dickstein
Mission Statement: To make an affirmative and positive impact, fulfilling our obligation as Jews, on individuals and the community at large, using hands-on and community-oriented resources to help solve identified communal and civic problems through volunteer action programs.

Volunteer opportunities include: annual school supply drive (Stuff the Bus), cleaning up Balboa Park during MLK Day of Service, attending the annual Thanksgiving Eve Interfaith Service, providing meals through the Interfaith Shelter Network, and lacing up your sneakers for the ADL Walk Against Hate.

Gender & Sexual Rights
Chairs: Dean Abelon and Richard Sager
Mission Statement: To educate the Beth Israel and broader communities about discrimination and abuse of women, children and sexual minorities, and to present opportunities to get involved with and contribute to applying the concept of Tikkun Olam to this topic

Get involved by attending the film screening of Little Stones and by walking with us in the San Diego Pride Parade.

RAC/Reform CA
Chairs: Anita Hosenpud & Eric Whinston
Mission Statement: To act as a liaison between Beth Israel and The RAC/Reform CA, acting as the point for developing opportunities for congregants to act in those areas of Social Justice identified by The RAC/Reform CA as key programs.

Along with the fulfilling the missions and goals of each impact team, we strive to connect our community outreach to the Jewish calendar.

Social Action Committee meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30am at Beth Israel.

For more information about our committee, please contact:
Chair: Sari Hartman
Co-chair: Dean Abelon

For more information contact: Program Director Ilene Tatro at itatro@cbisd.org or call 858 535-1111, ext. 2516.