From the Religious Action Center: Two years ago, we introduced the Brit Olam, our covenant to create a world in which all people experience wholeness, justice, and compassion. Since then, the urgency of our work has only grown.

After months of listening to the concerns and stories of members of Reform communities throughout North America, we are renewing our Brit Olam, our covenant with the world, to support congregations working together, learning from one another, and effecting change on the local, state, provincial, and federal levels.

We know each community is unique. This is why the Brit Olam work encompasses multiple ways to join a network of congregations working together toward a common goal. Your group may choose to join a RAC state project (a network of communities working to make change in their state), an issue-based cohort (a network of communities working to make change on an issue of shared significance), or both. In this way, each individual action can amplify and increase the impact of all others.

We are doing things together.