Ilene Tatro
Program Director

Ilene Tatro is the Program Director at Congregation Beth Israel in San Diego. Originally from Los Angeles, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Modern Jewish Studies at San Diego State University and made San Diego her home. Her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership was completed at National University. She received honors for her thesis, “Established Jewish Nonprofits and the Strategic Planning Process” and was nominated for the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society.

Ilene has spent over 15 years as a professional in the San Diego Jewish Nonprofit community as a marketing, development, and programming professional. She began at the Agency for Jewish Education and was promoted to the position of Marketing and Development Associate. After transitioning to the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, she was most recently the Director of Cultural Programs. She has also served as the Communications Administrator for Waters of Eden/San Diego Community Mikvah and Education Center.

Ilene and her husband, Michael, enjoy spending time with their daughter, Audrey, by visiting museums, attending musicals, volunteering with Girl Scouts, and more.